Our Products

Food Processing

Star wheels, gears, sprockets, wear rails, conveyor rollers, chutes, and dies are a few examples of components we can provide. All materials are FDA and NSF compliant with full lot batch trace-ability. Some of the materials we machine are VHMW, HPDE, PTFE, Nylon, Delrin, PBBK, Moly filled nylon , Metal detectable, Radel and ULTBM 1000.

Ball Valve Seats

We machine ball valve seats for many critical and demanding applications. Oil and gas, cryogenic, DoD (Navy), nuclear power, chemical processing, food processing, pharmaceutical, medical and marine are just a few. Close tolerances and high performance materials are our expertise. Some of the most common materials are Peek, carbon fiber Peek, Arlon 1555, PTFE, PCTFE (KEL-F), Vespel, Meldin, Kynar, Delrin, Nylon, and Tefzel.

Automated Packaging

From simple conveyors to complicated robotics, we've made parts for a broad range of packaging equipment manufacturers all over the world.  We have advanced knowledge and experience in machining a wide variety of materials depending on your application. 


Pump Components

Spools, shaft seals, piston rings and other high pressure and/or corrosion resistent components are some of the parts we routinely manufacture.  If you have a question about your application, we'd love an opportunity to work with you to get the best possible answer for your company.


Metal/X-ray Detectable

Denney Plastics is quickly becoming a leader in the Metal/X-ray  Detectable Plastics arena.  For the Food and Pharma Industries, recalls from foreign substance contamination costs companies MILLIONS of dollars annually.  
We've helped many equipment OEM's sell value-added options for Metal/X-ray detectable plastic components on their equipment, as well as converting current production facilities from non-detectable plastic components.
If you have concerns about contamination recalls, we can sit down and discuss FDA compliant material options with you.

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